Virtualization Solutions

Virtualization is an important datacenter technology strategy which has received almost universal acceptance during the last decade, because of its ability to help control platform efficiency and investment costs. It’s roots came from partitioning, where a single physical server is divided into multiple logical servers, but then expanded and developed into the widely popular hypervisor architecture. Long a technology used on the mainframe, virtualization products moved into open systems in the 1990s, and then in the early 2000s, the x86 platform.

15+ Years in Virtualization Space

Great Northern Consulting has been focused on the virtualization space since we began to support the Sun container technology on Solaris in 2004. Sun was a pioneer in using zones and containers to scale applications and control their resource utilization. This product continues to provide significant benefits to clients with tier one applications that cannot be exposed to the risk of x86 hardware technology and its companion virtualization technologies.

For those clients who looks to x86 virtualization solutions on VMware, we are happy to help them with capex saving migrations or server consolidation projects designed to decrease footprint and lower administrative costs. We understand that compute platform reliability is a balance between investment costs and reliability, so customers must consider different virtualization solutions for different applications and application platforms.