Datacenter Platforms

Enterprise datacenters require an architected solution made up of complimentary compute and associated platforms that operate efficiently and serve as building blocks for the entire landscape. Typical enterprise platforms include, servers, disk storage, tape storage, and network components all designed to work together.

As a 25 year Sun/Oracle reseller, Great Northern Consulting understands how datacenter platforms fit together. We have done hundreds of datacenter implementations and migration projects over the years and in each of these cases, we have architected a target platform to fit the customer’s application.

Broad Experience on All Datacenter Platforms

Designing the right solution has to start with the computer platform because its capacity determines the end user response time. Then, once the server design is set, the process moves on to the storage platforms. The customer’s needs for short and long term storage drive the design process for disk and tape. Lastly, the network is configured with the throughput required to handle application requirements.

To understand how a set of complimentary platforms must work in the datacenter, the vendor must have a team with broad experience on all of the platforms so they understand the impact each has on the others. The Great Northern Consulting team has those capabilities. Our staff averages seventeen years of design experience across all of the datacenter platforms and we have the capability to design solutions for the largest datacenters.