Great Northern Consultanting recognizes that People, Processes, Data and Technology are at the heart of your business. We combine a deep understanding of our clients industries with unrivalled technology and over 20 year of business expertise. Great Northern has strengths in innovation, allowing us to engage with our customers and suppliers at all levels, offering an expert insight to the extensive Oracle product stack.

Oracle provides the world’s most complete, open and integrated business software and hardware systems. Its technology stack includes applications, middleware, databases and hardware. Oracle spends over $5 billion annually on developing its products to remain market leading as well as market making.

We at Great Northern would like the opportunity to talk to you about turning your enthusiasm and insight into building a solution that is fit for the future. Particularly when your business operates across the globe it becomes imperative that you have an end-to end view across all your lines of business.

At Great Northern, we understand the challenges our clients are facing – that’s why we combine our deep industry experience together with the trusted technology from Oracle to bring you the best of both worlds.