Managed Services

Customers face a variety of problems managing their IT environments — how much time to spend on strategy and worrying about keeping the lights on, to name two. The latter is particularly difficult given the complexity of today’s technologies and the human resource requirements to operate them efficiently. To help our clients find the time they need to focus on strategy and keep operations running smoothly at the same time, Great Nothern Consulting offers a managed services solution.

We have a long history of providing managed IT services to clients, who need outside resources to accomplish their IT objectives. Sometimes clients lose the ability to support a technology because they have moved in a new direction and no longer maintain the skills required to support a legacy system. Other times, they deploy new applications but lack the skills to manage them because the required talent cannot be found. In these cases, and others, Great Northern Consulting can fill the gap.

Our IT services are customized to meet the customer’s need whether it’s during business hours or nights and weekends. We do not utilize a shared services model, which has limited effectiveness, but assign specific consultants to the client in order to provide continuity for the life of the contract. Our senior consultants can support a single application or an entire datacenter depending on the customer’s needs.