Integration Services

As a IT platform solutions provider, Great Northern Consulting has always focused on integration as a core competency. By integration, we mean combining a group of technologies, both hardware and software, into a smooth running production system. Integration has been an important component of datacenter operations since the advent of open systems and we’ve been doing it for 25 years.

Our clients typically utilize technology refresh plans to anticipate changes to their infrastructure or look to new products as their needs change, but integration projects are complex because all layers of the system stack must be migrated. Great Northern Consulting has been involved in dozens of these projects so we understand how to analyze the “as is” and build a plan around the “to be”. No plan is put into place without a thorough testing process using the “to be” infrastructure because it’s critical that application performance be maintained in the new environment. Once testing is complete, the deployment can move forward to completion.

Doing integration projects the right way requires an organization with a many years’ experience across different technologies. At Great Northern Consulting, we have both the depth of knowledge and experience to make your integration run smoothly.