• Edit a page
• Post to blog
• Edit a blog post
• Add a page
• Add a page header
• Add a page call to action button
• Create a menu item

Edit a page

Click on the Edit Page tab

Now you will see the Divi Builder, double click on what part of the page you want to edit

Edit your page and Save

Now save you page

Post to blog

To add a blog post hover over New and click on Post

Do the following to add a post

Images are optional

Featured image will show on main blog and on the blog post

If no category is picked it will go to Uncategorized

Tags are optional

Edit a blog post

Go to the individual post and click on Edit Post

• Now you can everything in the post as in add a post above

Add a page

To add a page hover over New and click on Page

Now lets create a page


Create a page Header

With the page editor open click on Fullwidth Section and then drag it to the top

Now click on Insert Modules

Now click on Add From Library

Now click on Header

Now doulble click on your newly created Fullwidth Section Module

Now enter your Title and Subtitle and Save

Now go up and save your page (Update button)


Create a page bottom call to action button

With the page editor click on Add Row

Now click on Single Column

Now single click on you new module

Now click on Add from Library

Now click on

Now go up and save the page

Create a menu item

To edit the menu

Follow the different instructions to do different operations

*Alway remember to click Save Menu when you make any changes