Cyber Security Solutions

Great Northern has a full service Security Practice covering both design and implementation

Datacenter Cybersecurity Implementation Services

Implementation Services are focused on the rapid and efficient execution of a documented plan to integrate operational and technical designs into a new or existing IT environment. Implementation services are aligned with best of breed technologies and operational frameworks.

Operational Implementation Services

Operational implementation services focus on the implementation of frameworks or framework elements from industry standards such as the following:

• ISO/IEC 270xx

Technical Implementation Services

Technical Implementation services focus on the implementation, integration, and testing of best of breed and leading technology products from vendors.

Datacenter Cybersecurity Operations Services

Operational Services focus on the documentation, technical evaluation, testing, and periodic maintenance of existing operational and technical systems and controls. Organizationally, as systems and processes mature it is necessary to ensure that evolving practices remain aligned with the stated organizational goals and requirements. At a high level, operational services can be broken down into process and systems maintenance services.

Process Maintenance Services

Process Maintenance focuses on the review, optimization, and training associated with organizational policies and procedures. Policies and processes are dynamic and can change radically with the addition of business product lines, expansion into new legal or regulatory geographies, or additions or modifications to the existing legal or regulatory landscape. Process maintenance ensures that the operational controls are aligned with both organizational goals and external drivers such as:

• Data Privacy Act
• EU Data Privacy Regulations

Systems Maintenance Services

Systems Maintenance services focus on ensuring that technical systems are maintained, operated, updated, decommissioned, and disposed of in a manner that ensures confidentiality, integrity, and availability of systems throughout the service delivery lifecycle. Systems Maintenance Services ensure that hardware, firmware, and software systems are up to date and configured in alignment with organizational requirements and best practices.

Such services can include but are not limited to:

• Firewall Upgrades
• IDS/IPS Tuning
• Network and Infrastructure Systems Health Checks
• Configuration Review and Tuning
• Periodic Maintenance


Datacenter Cybersecurity Support Services

Support Services provide organizations with external expertise usually in a contracted or on-demand basis. Support Services are focused on ensuring that clients have access to the highest caliber resources available.

Contracted Support Services

Contracted Support Services allow clients to take advantage of our award-winning 24/7 support staff to ensure round the clock support for critical systems. Contracted Support Services provide clients with the flexibility to focus more of their resources on their business with the certainty that IT systems and services will be taken care of. Examples of Contracted Support Services include 24/7, 8/5, and custom schedules for support activities such.

On-Demand Support Services

Separate from Contracted Support Services, On-Demand Support Services provide our clients access to certified IT professionals and expert engineers to augment existing staff or on a per-project basis. On-Demand Support Services help our clients fill immediate needs and staffing gaps caused by emergencies, training gaps, vacations, and provide expertise for complex projects.