Consulting Cost Management

Technology products and services and costs become more business-critical for every industry sector. Increasing reliance, combined with a continuous stream of new capabilities in the marketplace, drives growing IT cost.

The challenge is that most IT budgets simply don’t stretch far enough. In many organizations, infrastructure needs upgrading, and exciting opportunities for IT to deliver even more business impact are un-funded. Strategic IT spend management can help close the gap between what your organization needs and what it can afford.

Expert Resources, Actionable Intelligence

Great Northern Conulting has helped clients optimize billions of dollars in technology investment. We have a singular objective: To identify and prevent IT overspending. Our Consulting team spend management services yield savings that can be re-purposed to fund additional strategic projects, or feed into cost reduction initiatives.

Great Northern Consultling combines vendor-specific insight, benchmark data, deep practitioner experience and objectivity to reduce the full-lifecycle cost of technology investments. Our clients recognize real IT cost savings and get more value from every dollar spent.

Great Northern Consulting clients save an average of 10 to 40 percent on the capital technology investments under Great Northern Consulting review, and 5 to 15 percent on services and maintenance.