Aggressive Cost Management


Data-Driven Decision Making for IT Outsourcing

IT consulting for aggressive IT cost managementThe sourcing journey is difficult and requires hands-on outsourcing experience, a thorough methodology to assure success, and an extensive database of information on industry benchmarks. We offer a revolutionary idea in approaching IT outsourcing decisions. By applying our SPY Index to your real-world business requirements, our IT outsourcing advisors can help you complete a sourcing decision and agreement faster than any other advisors.

Let Great Northern IT Consulting implement your IT services strategies through the entire lifecycle:

• Needs analysis and planning. Identify the right IT service to fill a current business need

• In-source vs. outsource. Develop a balanced comparison of cost, risk, and performance

• In-sourced optimization. Build service catalog and price model to reflect underlying cost drivers

• Outsourced offer selection. Compress RFP cycles; convert diverse offers into single apples-to-apples scorecard

• Mid-contract adjustment. Identify and repair divergences from best practices in price and service

• Service reinvention. Embark on innovative models such as cloud, virtualization, PaaS, multi-supplier sourcing, etc.

• Audit & validation. Document fair and thorough decision process to enable budget approvals and audits

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